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I was rushing back from school that day. I had completed all my homework prior so that I could be relaxed today. All this was because it was Monday, which meant that the NEW EPISODE OF GAME OF THRONES WAS COMING OUT! HURRAY! I loved the show and I never missed a single episode of it. What was even better was that I would always watch it with my favorite food; homemade pizza. I wouldn’t even realize that I finished an entire box of pizza while watching the show. Trust me, it is that interesting. It just keeps you on the edge.

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However, all my day-dreams were ruined when I opened the door of my house and was greeted with the faces of my aunt and uncle there. Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved my aunt and uncle but GOT comes first man! I avoided sitting with them for long and escaped to my room. But, I couldn’t make my pizza. I never watched GOT without my pizza.

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Suddenly it clicked in my mind that my friend had told me that he ordered this amazing pizza from a restaurant he found on MenuLog; an Australian and New Zealand online food and beverage ordering website. It has over 8600 restaurant partners all over Australia, including international franchises like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Subway etc. They also have a variety of local restaurants offering more than 130 cuisines.

I immediately downloaded their App, they had a huge variety of restaurants for pizza alone. Taking God’s name I ordered it. To my utter delight I got my box of hot and steaming pizza in just twenty five minutes, before my GOT episode started. I was so happy that I gave a twenty dollar tip to the delivery guy. (Well, it was also because the pizza was pretty cheap, all because of their discount codes that I used!)

Needless to say I loved my pizza, it was still cheesy and hot when it reached me which is rare to find in other pizzas. Moreover, it tasted even better than the homemade pizzas I make. MenuLog just became one of my favorite Apps. Moreover, I did not just love the taste but also the amount it cost, which was less as I availed one of their amazing promo codes from SuperSaverMama. For more amazing discounts on food and beverages click here.

I also recommended the app to my mum who was tired to cook anything for dinner that day. Thus, I ended up ordering from MenuLog again, using the MenuLog coupon code once again. However, this time it was Chinese food, which tasted as tasty as my pizza did!


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