I never knew parenting would be that difficult until I had my first baby 7 years back. I and my husband felt overly joy when he was born. When I took him in my hands I decided to never make him feel the need of his any smallest necessity. People say, first child is often the hardest to understand among all children. My difficulty lied in his great attributes. He looks like his father but somehow my genes were transferred to him as well; creativity that lies inside me. He has God gifted skillfulness in him and has an ability to imagine things beyond reality. In order to attract him there is always a lot of drama involved to get him in any task.

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When he was two years old, I had seen the most difficult days of my life in making him finish his food. I had to go through every day art of making his food exciting and eye catching besides healthy. Now he is seven years old; he is in grade 1 and was quite happy with his routine life until a new boy came to his class and they both became best friends.

My baby boy started showing his interest towards his belongings. The problem doesn’t lie in praising other’s stuff but the difficulty generated when he started getting insecure over his possessions. He was obsessed over his best friend’s things. He never liked any stuff we bought for him, never attracted him. That was the movement I remembered the vows I took when I held him in my hands for the very first time. I tried to find out the reasons behind his obsessed behavior; dug deeper. And finally I found out the reason behind it.

He is first ever kid in my life with so much individuality and he had no space for himself where he could get his own time to explore him. In our massive house, there was no place for him where he could discover his world of fictional characters. So I and my husband went on a mission for him to set a room in our home where he could innovate. A friend of mine recently went through the same phase and told me about Zanui Australia- an online furniture décor for not just your other house decorations or equipment but they have amusing furnishings for your children’s room. Also, we made this choice because they were offering amazing deals on kids stuff through utilizing Zanui Australia Coupon codes.


Through Zanui Australia Promo Codes we succeeded in establishing an engaging and appealing room for our kid. The happiness truly reflecting on his face after exploring his new room is worth going through all the distress every time.

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